We’ve had the privilege of working with local companies around Central New York as well as large organizations across the U.S. to provide precision mapping solutions. Our goal is to continue to evolve with technology without compromising quality. Below are stories about just a few of the projects we’ve been a part of.


New York Public Library Midtown Renovation

One of New York City’s must-visit sights, the flagship building of the New York Public Library (NYPL) has a rich architectural history starting with its construction at the beginning of the 20th century (for a short history, click here). As renovation and repairs have come up through the years, the need for a large-scale renovation came to be. With over 645,000 square feet and large rooms, such as the Rose Main Reading Room, it was a daunting task to secure precise measurements of each component of the building.

We were awarded the task of mapping the building using 3D scanning techniques, and it was essential to help the architects on the project to understand traffic flow along with any potential gaps or issues. In precisely mapping the building, we supplied pivotal information for the project planning and commencement.


Niagara Mohawk Roof Reconstruction

The historic art deco Niagara Mohawk building in downtown Syracuse, NY, is a staple in local architectural sightseeing. Originally built in 1932, the building underwent a large restoration project in 2009 to reinvigorate and further preserve its unique details. In recent years, the roof and trim needed repairs, and in keeping with the goal of preservation, extremely precise measurements were needed.

Our 3D scanning services were rendered to accurately measure the roof and each piece of the roof trim. We were able to produce an accurate model for construction and restoration planning and work to begin with confidence.


Auburn Hydroelectric Plant Upgrade

The city of Auburn, NY, has two hydroelectric facilities, Mill Street and North Street, and the former needed an upgrade and repair job. Measurements of existing conditions were needed to replicate the area for the current turbine to fit. This would help to inform pieces of the project such as the overall design as well as how much rock was necessary to excavate.

We were able to provide the precise measurements to map the area, answering questions about the project and saving time and guesswork.

Dallas County Clerk’s Office: Historical Preservation

Rich in local and national history, downtown Dallas contains the Dealey Plaza Historic District, the area where President John F Kennedy was assassinated. The district was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1993 to preserve the area.

In 2016, we were contacted by the Dallas County Clerk’s Office to perform a 3D scan specifically for historical preservation, as retrofitting plans were about to get underway. This was a unique project and one that we were honored to be a part of.