Photogrammetry is defined as the science of making measurements from photographs. This allows for accurate measurements (distance, velocity, etc.) to be made, an especially useful method when it’s not possible for the measurements to be objectively obtained. Photogrammetry has been around since the mid-19th century at least and has evolved significantly with technology changes. It’s used in surveying, movie and video game creation (The Matrix relied on it), police investigations, archaeological sites, and meteorological measurements (e.g., tornado wind speeds), among others.

The prominent rise of drones—or unmanned aerial vehicles—has provided us with an exciting new way to bring surveying to the next level of mapping precision. We started working with drones on smaller projects to better understand how we could improve our data collection process. To date, we’ve been able to help clients with precise photogrammetric mapping, façade inspections, video creation, and hard-to-reach photography. This has saved our clients time, money, and effort spent on revisions from incorrect measurements.

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